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Crew Resources

Thanks for being a part of the Reggio Productions crew! Below are some helpful resources to review before working with us.

Shoot Day Etiquette

We pride ourselves in a number of things, but perhaps the most important is how myself and my crew conduct ourselves on a wedding day shoot. Here's some quick tips to be sure our event flows smoothly!

  • Be friendly, helpful and courteous. Every interaction you have with the couple, guests, and other vendors is a chance to for positive interaction. It makes the day flow easier, and portrays our company in a positive light.

  • Communicate with the photographer. Be sure to let the photographer know where you'll be so you aren't getting in their shots and we're all on the same page. Happy photo video crew = happy bride and groom

  • Dress the part. Business casual (dress shirt, dress pants, etc). Preferably black or grey, but as long as you look appropriate for a wedding we're all good.

  • Keep it candid and chill.  Couples book me for my "unobtrusive" style, let the day unfold without sticking the camera in their face or making them uncomfortable. If you need to direct some shots, be sure to ask the bride or groom if they are comfortable. Wedding days are stressful at times, be zen and the couple will love you for it.


Shooting Style

Take a look at our most recent films to get an idea of our shooting style. We like to keep things candid and unobtrusive. That being said, there are still times throughout the day where we will direct the couple to make sure we get everything we need. During couple portraits is when we do the most directing, and we always make sure to check with the photographer before staging anything.

Here's a breakdown of what to keep in mind throughout the different stages of the day:



During bride and groom prep is when we like to be the most hands off. Let them enjoy getting ready, capture some candid shots. When the bride/groom are ready to get dressed, the photographer will typically place them in a good spot. If they don't, or if there is no photographer, find a good source of light (typically a window) and make sure the area around the subject is clean. Don't be afraid to suggest things if you're not in love with the shot you're getting, but also be aware of time and logistical constraints. Feel free to get creative, silhouette, do your thing.

Couple Portraits

The best part of the day! This is where we get to be extra creative and get a lot of the content for our highlights. The second shooter is typically on a wide lens and on a gimbal, while I will be tight on a long lens (or vice versa). The photographer usually directs the couple, but on rare occasions where the photographer doesn't do much with the couple, we will step in and direct. 


We always deliver the full ceremony to our clients, so be sure to roll for the entire ceremony. This part of the day is more "traditional". I'll typically be center aisle with the photographer getting the processional, while my second shooter is on the side across from the bride, getting a tight shot of her for vows. I will also have a camera on the groom and sometimes a fourth camera wide in the balcony if there is one.

Cocktail Hour / Reception