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Our Wedding at The Garrison | Garrison, NY

Updated: May 23

With my 3 year anniversary just passing last month, I figure it's about time I share my wedding story with all of you! My wife Katie and I got married at The Garrison in Garrison, NY in April of 2021. As you know, 2021 was quite the year. Still in the throes of the pandemic, you can imagine the wedding planning anxiety we went through. We got engaged in October of 2019, and due to my busy line of work planned our wedding for 2021, not knowing what was to come in 2020. Luckily, as we got closer to our wedding date, vaccines were being rolled out, and restrictions were being eased. So, we were able to have a mostly "normal" wedding (some restrictions still in place, and my family from Canada were unfortunately unable to attend). In spite of everything, had an absolutely beautiful spring day for our outdoor ceremony overlooking the Hudson Valley and made the most of the stunning views The Garrison has to offer!

Being a wedding videographer, I've made so many amazingly talented friends over the years. So of course we had an all-star vendor team for our special day that consisted of some of my close friends. Maria of Lens Shark Photography and her team captured stunning images, and my good friend Mike of Flagship Studios knocked our wedding film out of the park. DJ Bryan of White Isle Events kept the party going all night long, and perfectly catered his set to our hyper specific music requests (30 minute pop punk throwback set? EDM Blink 182 remix? no problem).

One of my favorite moments from our reception was when my Uncle John and I played our acoustic guitars together while I serenaded Katie with her favorite Dashboard Confessional song ("Hands Down"). Katie knew that Uncle John and I were going to play something for everyone, but she didn't know what. In fact, since I'm not much of a singer, Katie said to me beforehand, "I don't know what you're going to sing, but it probably won't be Dashboard, those vocals are too hard". They were definitely hard. But Uncle John and our wedding guests helped belt out the backing vocals, and I think we did a pretty ok job! We also busted out some Kings of Leon and Tom Petty to round out our set. Our friends and family got really into it, and I think it set a great tone for the rest of the evening!

Through the ups and downs of planning a wedding during a global pandemic, and not knowing what our day was going to entail, we made the most of it and ended up having one of the most memorable and awesome days of our lives!

I can't believe it's already been 3 years, here's to many more!

About The Author

cameraman showing bride image on camera

Joe Reggio is the owner and lead cinematographer of Reggio Productions, an award-winning videography company providing stunning films for hundreds of married couples over the past seven years.

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