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Brooklyn Winery Wedding | Theresa + Doug | Brooklyn, NY

"I turned the page and saw you had been written into my story in permanent ink"

Theresa and Doug's wedding at Brooklyn Winery in Brooklyn, NY was an intimate celebration of their love story amongst close family and friends. This was my first time working at Brooklyn Winery, and I really enjoyed the winery wedding meets city vibes this venue has to offer. The modern, industrial space features chic accents and lush backdrops, a living plant wall, and a winery production space and barrel room.

Against the lush green backdrop, Doug's eyes teared up as he saw Theresa in her dress for the first time as she walked down the aisle. Everyone's eyes were equally watery as they shared sincere vows with one another; the love and commitment between these two was palpable. I couldn't help but feel wrapped up in their love story, and the perfect setting they chose to celebrate it in. Truly a day that felt like a perfect dream, and one to be cherished for years to come! Check out their highlight from their day and relive the moments with us!

Cinematography: Reggio Productions

Hair and Make-up: Glam Delivery

About Me

cameraman showing bride image on camera

Joe Reggio is the owner and lead cinematographer of Reggio Productions, an award-winning videography company providing stunning films for hundreds of married couples over the past seven years.


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